The Whale

collection of goods
I just love the way Germans spell “AHOI”

I am a firm believer that a little red wine and online shopping never hurt anyone.

I am also a believer in Balance. So I got dressed and went shopping in real-life too. I visited the latest, and greatest, in brick-and-morter handmade shopping in Nuremberg. The Shop is called Walfisch and it is located at Rothenbergerstrasse 51a, Nuremberg, Germany 90443. If you’ve got the itch..go there. It’s an artists’ co-op, open on Saturdays from 12-7. The workers volunteer their time to help sell local handmade goods. All of the profits go to the artists.¬†You’ll find a darling array of handmade goods from jam, to knitwear, to stamps, to home grown walnuts, to jewelry, postcards, etc. The store isn’t terribly large, but it is bursting with personality. There’s ever-growing graffiti on the walls, friendly salesgirls, and complementary tea and cake! (freshly baked by the artists) It’s a great way to spend part of your Saturday afternoon.
The Walfisch is a new project put on by an artists’ group in the area. It is easily accessed by the Rothenbergerstrasse Stop on the U or the S bahn. You can drive too. After I picked up some new postcards and homemade quitten jam (please don’t ask me what a quitten is. I don’t know much other than it is a fruit. I’ll let you know how it tastes later.) I strolled around the neighborhood. It’s pretty residential; unlike the other parts of Nuremberg that I am familiar with, full of shops, tourist attractions, and bars. There were however, a couple of pizza places that smelled delicious, and some fabulous graffiti.

Nuremberg Graffiti

alles gut


After a bit of O.P.A. collecting I went home and continued to work on my own…

chairlift painting