Painting a Mosaic

This is pretty cool.

Mosaic Painting
All in a Day’s Party!

You remember the community painting project I hosted in the Fall of 2013…and its winner.

People around here really liked it. So much so, that it has been repeated…twice!

This past weekend I, and a bunch of 8-ish year old girls, painted one for a birthday party. This painting made the party a hit, on a few levels. First, and most obvious, it’s a gift the birthday girl can cherish for a long while.  Second, and maybe not so obvious, it was one of the quietest parties I have ever attended. The children were mesmerized by the artistic activity ensuing. They remained docile until the birthday cake (with four layers of icing!!) was served. It was only when our painting was complete that mayhem ensued.

Tiles on Canvas
For a Bright Birthday….

What’s with the three empty squares?

Well, the birthday girl wanted to leave on empty. Her dad is away right now. When he gets back home she would like him to fill one in. The other two will be filled with paint splashing and splattering. In order to successfully accomplish this in only two squares we had to wait for the painting to dry so it could be taped off.

Once the painting is 110% complete, if I get a photo I’ll share it.

That was Saturday. This was Monday.

Twin Mosaic Painting Projects Ready for Action

A friend of mine is the volunteer coordinator for Army Community Services at USAG Ansbach, here in Germany. On Monday she hosted a volunteer exposition. She used the painting project as a way to engage more with our residents, and inspire new potential volunteers.

Yay Participating Volunteers!

I think this was a great idea. The project allowed the coordinator to interact with the crowd in a refreshing and fun manner. It also brought something beautiful, and representative of the community, to the community to be admired for a long time to come.

Did I paint on this project? No. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day, but I did draw the gridlines 🙂

I’m terribly thrilled for The Mosaic Painting. I feel like it has grown so much since I made use of it. Of course, as I was not the first, I knew I would not be the last. I look forward to seeing where it shows up next. You don’t need to be a professional to host your own Mosaic Painting Party…but if you’re in the area and you need some help, shoot me a line.