The Guest Bed

The Guest Bed If you read the latest article on the Globetrotting Blog then you are fully aware that I am pregnant.


And it’s twins.

Holy Crap!!

I’m due in (hopefully) late July. In an attempt to entice visitors to come as potential nannies and household help, Phil and I have been focused on making the house as pleasant as possible. We’ve got solid Internet, we changed the filter in the fridge, we’ve got landscapers, we’ve upgraded the shower heads, we’ve invested in an amazing coffee machine, and I promise to be running the A/C during the summer.

During pregnancy everyone asks you how you’re decorating the nursery. The funny thing is that we’ve put more attention on the guest room than the babies’ room. Phil’s main concern was that our guests-to-be don’t feel like they’re sleeping on a pull-out in a storage room. In our last house the guest room doubled as my sewing room. I would switch the room back-and-forth as guests came and went. Since our family is doubling in size, so did our house choice this time around. Our guests will have their own room complete with bed, dresser, decorations, and no sewing supplies. It is also conveniently located closer to the nursery than the master bedroom so guests can maximize baby time.

Fabric MaterialI didn’t just go out and buy my guest room details. That would be too easy. The artwork adorning the walls was made by either myself or my mother who is a clay and mosaic artist. And since I have a plethora of fabulous fabrics I decided to sew some new pillow cases. The pillow shams that came with the quilt matched too much for my liking. I need a little excite in my prints and color palette. Hopefully my guests do too.

Handmade PillowcaseWith the inevitable onslaught of feedings and cleanings to come, and the preparation that it entails, I find great comfort in my abilities to combine needs that must be met with my desire to craft and create. This is a gift that I hope will not fail me as we approach our new lifestyle.

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    • Sarah C. Geraci says:

      I let you drool on whatever you want, the pillowcases…the babies…whatever you want, if you actually get on a plane and come on down here.

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