What Happens Here Matters.

Nadya works. She loves her job. She is very good at it.

Nadya finds love. She gets married. She has children.

Nadya is growing a family. She still works. It is a difficult balance.

Work wants to come first. Nadya wants her family to come first. It is exhausting.

Nadya hangs a portrait of her children in her office. Family is her priority. She is still very good at her job.

The pandemic hits. Nadya works from home. The family is home too.

What happens next?

I hope that all of you out there are still happy, healthy, and thriving to the best of your ability. It’s a strange world we find ourselves living in today, and none of us has the same story. Whoever you are, whatever is your struggle, please know that I love you. I believe you are making all the right choices and living the best life you possibly can. Do not doubt yourself right now. Throw away negativity. Have confidence right now. Find joy.