Should I Stay or Should I Go?

New Jersey Beach Manasquan


This is a photograph I took two years ago with my iphone while at the beach in Manasquan, New Jersey. At the time it seemed like a very inconsequential photograph. I only snapped it to forward to my husband, who was not with me at the time. My plan was to trash it later. Before I trashed it however, I realized how much I liked it. I decided to keep it and maybe paint it one day.

That day has arrived. The problem is that the painting is stuck. It was my initial intention to highlight the bustling shore front that are Jersey Beaches at the height of the Summer. My quandary is that it is currently painted empty…and I love it. Would I love it more if I painted the people and their colorful sunshades into it? That is what I need you to help me decide.

Painting Step Three Coastline

While on the road to discovering this painting I took a photograph every step of the way. My intent was to build up a fun slideshow of the painting’s construction; and in so doing, having it mimic the build up of crowds on the beach. I have taken 18 shots so far. The above picture is number three. I will highlight a few more.


Beginnings of a Beach Painting


People on the Beach

Some of you might be wondering why I didn’t just stop here. For me, it just seemed a bit cartoonish, and an odd mix of dots and lines and color. I didn’t know how to get it where I wanted it to be without wiping out the crowd and beginning it again.


The Empty Ocean and Sand

So I wiped it out, and I really love the color and texture now.


Close up Cover up

I especially love the tiny places where the initial idea was not fully covered up. How awesome is this spot where the lifeguards were not fully covered. It’s as if they are behind a water curtain…or something.

Sketch for a Painting

So I drew up this sketch (in under two minutes) to demonstrate my next idea in tributary to the many awesome people…and all of their junk…that decorate the Jersey Shoreline. It’s like tchotchky to me and as much as I could omit it; I also have a dying urge to scribble it in.

What should I do?

I’d love a message with your opinion. Stay (leave it) of Go (scribble in the fun)

Have a Great Weekend!