The Jersey Shore

My fun, punky, painting of the New Jersey Coast is finished.

Ocean and Sand Graffiti


If you read my entry last week, then you know I had some issues in reaching my desired goal. This painting has accumulated a series of layers as I battled with my vision…and potentially changing my vision. After mixing a few different painting styles, techniques, and inspirations, I can say that I am pleased with the outcome.The Jersey Beach

I will also say that I have learned, yet again, that a painting with only one layer of paint is never enough. It may be cute, or pretty, or compositionally aesthetic, or a good idea…but it is never finished until you’ve made mistakes on it, sweat over it, dropped it on the floor, looked at it upside down for at least two days, thought of throwing it in the trash, and repainted it.Painting in the studio

You’ve gotta earn it.

Here is a slideshow of the entire process.

Thanks to Ann Rudd, the only person to comment initially with advice. I’m glad I took it.

This painting is for sale on Etsy.