Great Weekend

So not only did I personally have a really fun weekend, but Florida Scarf had a great weekend too.

Army Craft Fair

Saturday was the Ansbach Spouses and Civilians’ Club Craft Fair. It was small, but awesome. I’ve have learned from this experience that bigger is definitely not better. As a small, handmade, business owner you don’t need a grand bazaar, that’s four days long, with extra entertainment, tons of food, and over-the-top advertising to sell your product and make more friends (and fans) in your community. All you need is support from your community; and that’s just what we got on Saturday. I’d like to take this time to thank everyone that visited, and supported, the ASCC Craft Fair. Not only did I benefit, but also 10-15 other vendors and crafters benefitted, the Boy Scouts benefitted, and so did the club. Ultimately, this translates back into the community, itself, benefitting. See how tightly woven our Universe is? I think it’s amazing…in a good way.

ASCC Craft Fair

I honestly had a blast all day, chatting, laughing, and selling. My $5 and $10 sale was a success. Congratulations to all that walked away with an overflowing bag of sale scarves and hoods. They’ll make great gifts in 7 months. Lots of ladies thought I was crazy for pricing so many items so low, but I explained my thought process to them…and it goes like this: I feel incredibly fortunate to have so many people here (legitimately) loving the things that I make. 90% of my customers yesterday were repeat customers. If they liked their scarves (and hoods) so much that they are willing to come back to me (with hard earned money) and buy more, then I want to thank them by giving them a steal once in a while. No joke.

Here is my favorite photo of the day.

The Everyday Corsage

I admit on the surface that it appears to be nothing special, but in it I captured my favorite customer quote of the day and I felt compelled to mark the occasion. Miss Elesa is modeling a wrist cuff she bought from me on Saturday. Wrist Cuff is what I call it….Elesa calls it The Everyday Corsage. Isn’t that just so much more descriptive, creative, adorable, feminine, and (most importantly) desirable. I was struck by her off-the-cuff genius. It is proof that everyone needs help coming up with great ideas. I love my customers.

Elesa also scored the sweet scarf with the handmade German clay buttons…made from handmade German clay that the artist (herself) dug up in her backyard. Awesome!

So that was Saturday. On Sunday morning I needed to revamp my Etsy Shop. This means I unlisted all of the scarves (from the Internet Store) that I sold on Saturday. I noticed some other issues with my shop and fixed them. This (however minor) activity on Sunday morning boosted my shop into the lap of a lovely lady shopping for scarves in the UK, and by the time I had returned from my excursion with Catharina and Ludwig I had an Etsy sale in my inbox.

What luck! A Scarf sold in May! I love it! This new sale will be mailed to Inverness, Scotland. It’s my first scarf to Scotland. I’m obviously pumped. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

I hope you had a great weekend too.

And in the event that you didn’t, chin-up, next weekend is just around the corner.