The Polished Souvenir

German Fest Table

You remember the souvenir I was working on last week for myself. Well, this week I finished it. No fest table set painted with the Bavarian Coat of Arms is complete without its bavarian print cushions!

And with the completion of this project I am reminded that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and anything worth having is worth working for, and all life demands struggle. Meaning; this project was not as quick and simple as Phil and I had imagined. Had we not put the thought, and elbow grease into it though, we’d not have this fantastic souvenir that is absolutely dripping with our love for this place we’ve called home.

Bavarian CushionsI know you are thinking to yourself …”Aaawww, that the little heart patch is an adorable touch.”

I, myself, have to agree that it is a thoughtful accent…but a complete accident.

In my haste to complete the project I got a little overzealous while snipping some strings and snipped a hole right in the damn cushion cover. After I punched myself in the eye for trying to sabotage my own work I came up with the idea of covering the new hole with a patch. Luckily, it works.

Now all I need are these rain clouds to go away so I can pop the top on the beer and let the festivities begin!

home made souvenir

Have a great weekend!


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