Inspired Friday: Art and the Importance of Nutrition

Croatian Farmers Market

A Croatian Farmer’s Market. Maybe it’s all the umbrella’s. Maybe it’s the rows, and rows of bottled truffles and fresh olive oil. Maybe it’s the abundance of pepper and garlic garland. Maybe it’s all of those things combined, but I have never been so charmed by an outdoor market as I have been in Croatia. Even if you’ve never been inspired to snack on a couple of red, juicy cherry tomatoes; here you wouldn’t be able to resist them. The photographs I shot while in this farmer’s market were some of my favorite photos from my recent trip. Luckily, I wasn’t the only who loves these images. Kate loved them too. So much so, that she ordered me to paint from one of the photographs immediately.

Who’s Kate?

You remember Kate. Kate Murray. She is the author of a wonderful book about nutrition, titled A Silent Cure. Kate is working on her second book about nutrition, titled The Plant Pledge. This time around the book is being created for children, and I am the illustrator. Kate and I have lined up a series of fabulous drawings to illustrate the purpose of the book, but this is the first to evolve into a painting.

I finished the painting just in time for Kate to display it, in support of the book project, at a health and wellness convention. The convention is called Guts & Glory Digestive and Wellness Expo, and it will be held on Saturday, Octber 4th, at the First Energy Stadium in Reading, PA. The expo is the first of its kind in the area. It’s designed to raise community awareness, and educate, about overall health, wellness, and eating. Highlights of the expo will include exercise presentations, cooking demonstrations, massage, yoga, live music, as well as fun stuff for kids too. If you’re in the Reading area I encourage you to attend. In addition to the previously highlighted opportunities, you also have the chance to meet Kate and learn more about both of her books.

I am excited to have such an integral role in this new chapter of Kate’s work. The book will combine two things that I really love; painting and food. I also feel fortunate, as I look at this book project as a chance for me to inspire, and influence, better eating habits in children…and maybe adults too.

This book is not nearly complete. Stay tuned as I will be revealing illustrations as they are created.

If you are interested in supporting this book effort we’d greatly appreciate it.