Bavaria St. Hubertus Vision

Great St. Hubert, bless all who gather here in this
 natural setting, whose aim is to follow in your footsteps to be skilled and ethical hunters.

Grant us confidence, perseverance, patience and the accuracy to increase our proficiency in the fields, forests, swamps and marshes.

Implant in our hearts a love for the great social activity and harvest of nature’s bounty. In our souls instill the passion to share these precious traditions in the spirit of camaraderie. Help us remember to honor the death of the wild animal that died so we may live.

But above all St Hubert, we ask your help in always holding a deep sense of respect and reverence for the game we pursue. Bestow within us a spirit of generosity and humility that we may enjoy bountiful hunting. And that we pass these cherished and sacred rites to future generations, forever, Amen.

Last Friday I accompanied Ludwig and Katharina to the Hunters’ celebration of St. Hubertus. I was so inspired by the event, and its significance to the start of hunting season, that I made a painting.

My painting illustrates the story of St Hubertus and his vision of the stag that inspired his conversion to Christianity. Hubert wasn’t Bavarian but Ludiwg is, so I decided to use our Bavarian flag as the background.

In researching for last weekend’s blog post I came across a prayer to St. Hubertus that I also wished to share. It was written by Don Dubuc, a.k.a. Don the Outdoors Guy. If you like the prayer, or hunting and fishing, I suggest you check out Don’s website.