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The kids are back in school. I now have three children on a full day [...]

2,058 Miles in Four Days

The plan was to drive from Wyomissing to El Paso in five days, but it [...]

Silver City

Any holiday is a great excuse to get together with family. But when you don’t [...]

Traveling with Twins

Me? Travel? With twins?… I gave birth to twins on August 2, 2015. My life [...]

Lunch in Mesilla

Today I am sending a few postcards of my own. Yup, this weary pregnant lady [...]

Living Vicariously. It’s the Only Way to Live.

It’s my birthday. I’m 34 years old today. And I also happen to be 24 [...]

Ski Trip. On the Rocks. Hold the Ski.

All of you that read my blog know me to do a lot of this… [...]

Vacation. Travel. Holiday.

This morning I put my mom on an airplane headed back to New Jersey. It [...]

Bilbao and the Basque Country

BASQUE COUNTRY Before I jump right into How My Latest Vacation Was, I feel the [...]

Little America in the Alps

This year we celebrated Labor Day with a camping trip…in the Alps. We packed up [...]

The Venice of the North…

If you read this blog then you know I like to travel and share my [...]

I’m in Love Again. This Time It’s Prague.

For Prague and I, it was love at first sight. The city is effortlessly magical. [...]

Toro Toro and a Bali Fish Market

In August of 2012 my husband and I traveled to Bali. We were there for [...]

Getting Along in Deutschland

As of Wednesday I am officially a member of a league of artists here in [...]

The Painting Process: Heart Breaker

Heart Breaker…. Certain relationships in life are easier than others. A love affair with the [...]

A Saturday in Bali

Saturday was epic. We went exploring outside of Ubud with a private driver, Dewa. He [...]

From Monkeys to Bad Drinks

It’s only our third full day in Bali. We’ve hit the road again. This time [...]

Bali, Our Sanur Experience

We arrived in Bali as the sun was setting on Tuesday. Wednesday was our first [...]

Bali…What is This Place?

The date on my watch says 8/14, but it said the same thing yesterday. I’ve [...]

The Second Half of the Flight to Bali…

My flight to Taipei was great. There are two things I like better about Asian [...]

On My Way to Bali…

I think traveling on an airplane is exactly like going on a big hike. When [...]

Homeward Bound

It’s been five days since I’ve returned from Bali. At the moment I find myself [...]