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Paintings in Print

In preparations for my week of selling my art and craft at the PX,  I [...]

You’re Under Arrest

Stopping time is impossible. Stopping for a moment in time and arresting a beautiful image [...]

I Did It Again

Another shining example of advertising genius…in my opinion.  

The Alps Never Cease to Amaze…

On Monday morning I (along with family and a friend) drove out of the Alps [...]

Cold Sun Snow Jager

This weekend I took part in a psychological experiment. In actuality, it was a weekend [...]

Shredded Swiss

When I’m in Switzerland I forget about the rest of the world. I forget that [...]

Painting Process

I recently read an article on a current exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. [...]

Creative Indulgence

Lately I have been spoiling myself by indulging a creative rampage. In the past couple [...]

Steamboat Springs, CO

SiiiCK! The latest edition to my chairlift series has been born! This composition comes from [...]

First Snowboard Trip! Yay!

Good morning Oberjach, Germany! Phil took this photo as we were stepping off the bus. [...]