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I live in Colorado with my husband and three (elementary age) kids. Of all the [...]

How I Mom

I celebrated my 39th birthday a little over a week ago. When you get to [...]

The Family

Once upon a time there was a girl who moved to Germany for three years [...]

Tea Stains

My morning coffee has been replaced with morning tea. Oddly, the mugs which were never [...]

2,058 Miles in Four Days

The plan was to drive from Wyomissing to El Paso in five days, but it [...]

Vacation. Travel. Holiday.

This morning I put my mom on an airplane headed back to New Jersey. It [...]

Recent German Musings

As you may have noticed last week on the FB page, my Oktoberfest and Bavarian [...]

Charles J. Casper

What does this guy have to do with scarves? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. He’s my [...]