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Toro Toro and a Bali Fish Market

In August of 2012 my husband and I traveled to Bali. We were there for [...]

Fabrics From Around the World

It’s been years now; that I have been traveling, living in news places, and thus [...]

Surfing…Those Who Can’t, Watch and Wait

There was this one day, somewhere in the middle of our week at the surf [...]

Snowboarding is for Kings. Surfing is for Beasts.

So after two days of sitting around with a busted belly and a busted foot [...]

Kima Surf Camp, Bali

Finding Kima Surf Camp was an adventure in itself. We took a bus from Ubud [...]

Bali: The Adventure of Imitation

There’s a Starbuck’s in Ubud, but we didn’t go. We went to the Kafe instead. [...]

A Saturday in Bali

Saturday was epic. We went exploring outside of Ubud with a private driver, Dewa. He [...]

From Monkeys to Bad Drinks

It’s only our third full day in Bali. We’ve hit the road again. This time [...]

Thursday in Bali..Am I Only on Day Three?

Ghzeesh! I am not being quick about these Bali stories. Thank you for your patience. [...]

Bali, Our Sanur Experience

We arrived in Bali as the sun was setting on Tuesday. Wednesday was our first [...]

Bali…What is This Place?

The date on my watch says 8/14, but it said the same thing yesterday. I’ve [...]

Homeward Bound

It’s been five days since I’ve returned from Bali. At the moment I find myself [...]