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Inspired Friday, Winter Dreaming

  Laax, Switzerland. An almost-secret ski resort resting in the Swiss Alps. I describe it [...]

Oh. Crap.

Phil and I met while working in a ski shop. One of the reasons Phil [...]

You’re Under Arrest

Stopping time is impossible. Stopping for a moment in time and arresting a beautiful image [...]

Portrait of a Chairlift

I think I’ll turn this into a painting one day.

Shredded Swiss

When I’m in Switzerland I forget about the rest of the world. I forget that [...]

Painting Process

I recently read an article on a current exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. [...]

And Another One…

SWISS LIFT Here is another painting I just finished. It comes from a photograph I [...]

Good News For Florida Scarf!

Check out this ad I found in the back of a catalogue from Switzerland…. Isn’t [...]