Fabi’s Hut

One of my favorite things to do is lay on a beach in the sun after I have just been floating in the ocean. It is very simple and fun. [...]


It’s a bit late to write this, but… I hope everyone out there had a fantastic holiday season! Today marks the one month anniversary of my family having the flu. [...]


As I have been sharing with you recently (on my social media outlets) this painting is being featured in a group show at The Lone Tree Center for the Arts. [...]

Lone Tree Art Expo

If you’re local, come join me Wednesday evening (10/11) at Lone Tree Arts Center. My Aguille du Midi landscape painting with be on display. And for sale! until January 2024. [...]


It’s difficult to get all the people exactly what they want. It’s especially difficult to do it all on the same platform. (be prepared to be confused) So you can [...]


The kids are back in school. I now have three children on a full day school schedule! This is a true milestone for a parent. In celebration I have been [...]

Composing the Sweetest Dream

Poppies were the idea for this painting in a little girl’s room. She’s a lovely little girl, and it’s a pretty little nursery, so I knew I wasn’t going to [...]


Trash. It’s everywhere. So why not enjoy it? For the past 7 years that’s exactly what I’ve been doing… Here a lonely, wind-blown 8 of clubs, stuck under a bush, [...]

The Outback

I prefer standing to sitting. Anyone that has been anywhere with me knows that. I don’t care about chairs. Unless it’s a chairlift. I also get cold easily. And not [...]

Meet Tiger

This is Tiger. Tiger is near-and-dear to someone very near-and-dear to me. Tiger is mischievous. He never met a glass of water he didn’t tip over, tree he wouldn’t climb, [...]

Happy New Year

But that was last month. No my friend. I’m saying Happy Lunar New Year! Happy Year of the Tiger! While I have no affiliation to any culture that celebrates (any [...]

Dog Daisy… a B-Sides

The b-sides are paintings that I create with whatever paint is left on the palette from my most recent commission. The interesting aspect is that the two paintings share an [...]

The Ocean

There are two things about working on this painting that brought me a lot of joy. The first thing was painting the ocean. I love the ocean. Don’t tell my [...]


One Monday evening, back in the fall of 1998, after a supper of Gram’s spaghetti with crockpot meat sauce (the kind with the spicy Italian sausage) and Italian bread with [...]


Life is unbelievably busy. It was just spring, but it’s summer already. The last snow we had felt like it happened last week. Am I even going to get to [...]