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I live in Colorado with my husband and three (elementary age) kids. Of all the [...]


Life is unbelievably busy. It was just spring, but it’s summer already. The last snow [...]

Far Out Man

John John has a new piece of art in his bedroom. This astronaut mosaic was [...]

I Must Confess

I know I speak for every parent (in the history of parenthood) when I say [...]

My Kid is a Total Pollock

I present to you the latest Lila and Nina collaboration. This is an acrylic painting [...]

How I Mom

I celebrated my 39th birthday a little over a week ago. When you get to [...]

Life As We Know It

This is my face. It’s something I rarely share on social media anymore. Normally I [...]

Something for Myself

This may not seem like it’s a big deal, but it’s a big deal. It [...]

He’s One!

It was the happiest of birthdays for the youngest member of our family…and a fun [...]