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Nature. Music. Fried Dough.

Just when I thought there wasn’t much more for me to discover in my town…I [...]

Winter Sports Italiano

I may have had the luxury of claiming to spend Riding Day #20 on Vermont’s [...]

Snow in Spring

Snowboarding on April Fool’s day…otherwise known (affectionately) as Gaper Day in Stowe. The resort was [...]


By now I’m sure you’ve seen some of the photos I’ve posted on the FB [...]

Pencils and Castles

If you trace any high-end, quality product far back enough in its history you will [...]

Sweet Redemption

When we woke up on Monday morning we could actually see the lights of the [...]

The End of the World

In order to plan this, most recent, snowboard trip we waited until the last minute, [...]


I think a lot of people look at Art and say, “I can do that.” [...]

Schwäbisch Hall

Yesterday was the first day my scarves were for sale…in a real store…in Germany. I [...]

Oh. Crap.

Phil and I met while working in a ski shop. One of the reasons Phil [...]

Christmas in Germany

Happy Day 2 of Advent everybody. I trust you all have a kitschy Advent calendar [...]


Whether or not you love cities I believe everyone has a fascination with one city. [...]

Camping + Hiking + Beer = ART PROJECTS

As you may have read, I went camping in the Alps two weeks ago. The [...]

Fall in Bloom

I simply can not stop riding my bike. It feels incredible. The weather is unmistakably [...]

Little America in the Alps

This year we celebrated Labor Day with a camping trip…in the Alps. We packed up [...]

A New Imagination Caught My Eye

What do you get when you cross a creative man with a store front? You [...]

A Bit of History

Interesting information, dare I call it knowledge, is lurking around every corner, over the next [...]

Paper Memories

A fine collection of paper pleasantries from Amsterdam. Postcards, business cards, candy wrappers; whatever makes [...]

Philadelphia Photo Hunt

      I spent the past couple of days in Philadelphia. In between beer [...]

Back In the Land of Beer…

That’s right. I’m talking about America; the land of exciting, creative, delicious craft beers in [...]

The Venice of the North…

If you read this blog then you know I like to travel and share my [...]

New Jersey Summer

Here’s me about to enjoy a lazy float in the crick with my little brother [...]

Gram’s House

When you finally go back to your old home, you realize it isn’t the old [...]

Art and History in Ansbach

  It was another art-historic, lessons of life and culture, weekend for me. This time [...]