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Interesting? Yes. Strange? For sure.

As I continue to travel I become increasingly aware of the over abundance of things [...]

Toro Toro and a Bali Fish Market

In August of 2012 my husband and I traveled to Bali. We were there for [...]

Getting Along in Deutschland

As of Wednesday I am officially a member of a league of artists here in [...]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  This is a photograph I took two years ago with my iphone while at [...]

Lebkuchenherzen…a painting.

That’s a big German word. Isn’t it? It means heart shaped ginger bread cookie. Now [...]

Sunday Music Review

Here is where I went last night.   This was my favorite part.   The [...]

The Sun Clause

Those living in a ski town are quite familiar with the phrase powder clause. This [...]


My neighbors never cease to amaze me. They are great. My landlord, Hans, has been [...]

Sunday Morning at the Museum

Kartoffelmühle by Andreas Slominsky You’ve probably heard me say this before; I don’t go to [...]

Spring is Springin’

Last week I took Phil to his first Beer Fest in Germany. It was the [...]

The Alps Never Cease to Amaze…

On Monday morning I (along with family and a friend) drove out of the Alps [...]

Cold Sun Snow Jager

This weekend I took part in a psychological experiment. In actuality, it was a weekend [...]

Shredded Swiss

When I’m in Switzerland I forget about the rest of the world. I forget that [...]

Munich… The Second Time Around

On this Sunday evening I reflect; and say that the weekend has been another successful [...]

Just Kickin’ Around…

As you can imagine, it’s been awesome having my husband back around. It’s been fun [...]

When It’s All Said and Done

(This isn’t my Welcome Home Poster, but it is my most favorite that I’ve seen.)There’s [...]

Hiking and Homes in Nürnberg

I went to a new part of Nürnberg. Since my last post on this blog, [...]

When in Europe…Bath in Public

I’ve noticed I don’t journal as frequently as I once have. I’m sure you’ve noticed [...]

The Painting Process: Heart Breaker

Heart Breaker…. Certain relationships in life are easier than others. A love affair with the [...]

Surfing…Those Who Can’t, Watch and Wait

There was this one day, somewhere in the middle of our week at the surf [...]

Pub Quiz

Drink While You Think [...]

Fest der Kunst

I went to a free concert in my town over the weekend. It was great. [...]

Our Anniversary

It’s been a year and a few days since we moved to Germany. It’s true; [...]

Snowboarding is for Kings. Surfing is for Beasts.

So after two days of sitting around with a busted belly and a busted foot [...]