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Franklin Mountains

Before living in El Paso I never had a state park in my backyard before; [...]

Lunch in Mesilla

Today I am sending a few postcards of my own. Yup, this weary pregnant lady [...]

Postcards from the Fest

    Someone in Germany still loves me because I keep getting lots of fun [...]

The El Paso Rose Garden

“A rose is a rose is a rose,” said Gertrude Stein in her 1913 poem [...]

Living Vicariously. It’s the Only Way to Live.

It’s my birthday. I’m 34 years old today. And I also happen to be 24 [...]

Ski Trip. On the Rocks. Hold the Ski.

All of you that read my blog know me to do a lot of this… [...]

The Christmas Addiction

Christmas Season is a time for us all to indulge, and push the boundaries of [...]

Early on the Glacier

I trust everyone had a fantastic holiday, whether Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, The [...]

Indulgence While There is Still Time

Unfortunately. This past Saturday. I made the very unwise decision to count the number of [...]

Vacation. Travel. Holiday.

This morning I put my mom on an airplane headed back to New Jersey. It [...]

To Tourist, or Not To Tourist

My mom is in town…and we are seeing the sights. Based on the introductory photo [...]

San Sebastian

BASQUE COUNTRY Tuesday was the first installation of my 2-part compendium about having recently experienced [...]

Bilbao and the Basque Country

BASQUE COUNTRY Before I jump right into How My Latest Vacation Was, I feel the [...]

Inspired Friday: Art and the Importance of Nutrition

A Croatian Farmer’s Market. Maybe it’s all the umbrella’s. Maybe it’s the rows, and rows [...]

Another Weekend in the Bergs

When you travel a far distance to visit a landmark for its amazing scenery and [...]

Camping in Croatia

I’ve noticed that the more I vacation, the more gadgets I pick up to make [...]

A Western Museum in an Unlikely Place

My landlord came over our house a while back. He said a friend of his [...]

The German Pick Your Own

In the heart of summer we all want our vegetables as fresh as possible. It’s [...]

The Best Beer in Germany

Says who? Me. Just me, no one special. Phil and I indulged ourselves yesterday in, [...]

Projects. Pie. Pancakes.

When you live in the center of Europe having a house guest for a couple [...]

The Institutions of Vienna

The mention of a trip to the capital of the Eastern Empire brings to mind, [...]

The Skilled Travelers…a tale of Brussels and Bruges

There is a knowledge to traveling. As helpful as guidebooks and online research can be, [...]

Revolution. Death. Painting. Brussels.

I don’t know much about torture. I’ve never been tied-up, starved, beaten, flogged, had any [...]

How Many Chances Did You Have Today to Celebrate?

One of the most important things in life is taking time to show appreciation. Celebrate [...]