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Getting Along in Deutschland

As of Wednesday I am officially a member of a league of artists here in [...]

Lebkuchenherzen…a painting.

That’s a big German word. Isn’t it? It means heart shaped ginger bread cookie. Now [...]

The Sun Clause

Those living in a ski town are quite familiar with the phrase powder clause. This [...]


My neighbors never cease to amaze me. They are great. My landlord, Hans, has been [...]

Spring is Springin’

Last week I took Phil to his first Beer Fest in Germany. It was the [...]

Fabrics From Around the World

It’s been years now; that I have been traveling, living in news places, and thus [...]

Just Kickin’ Around…

As you can imagine, it’s been awesome having my husband back around. It’s been fun [...]

When It’s All Said and Done

(This isn’t my Welcome Home Poster, but it is my most favorite that I’ve seen.)There’s [...]

Hiking and Homes in Nürnberg

I went to a new part of Nürnberg. Since my last post on this blog, [...]

Pub Quiz

Drink While You Think [...]

Christmas Market Number Six…

…and to commemorate I bought a 6-pack. This is purely coincidental. Read it here. I’m [...]

Ludwig’s Approval

I have become quite confident about the fact that I enjoy fur; and Florida Scarf [...]

Christmas Shopping for the Company

The Christmas markets have been in full swing for three weeks now. With eight trips [...]

Movie Monday

Yes, that’s me snuggled up to a giant inflatable. No, I am not at the [...]

Some Beer in Bamberg

Some beer in Bamberg. [...]

Winter & Christmas Markets….

I wish I could’ve taken a video of my backyard this afternoon and shared it. [...]

Winter & Christmas Markets….

I wish I could’ve taken a video of my backyard this afternoon and shared it. [...]


Yes my friends. It is the German word for dentist. I went. How trippy is [...]

Whose Side Are You On?

As I continue to straddle the line between Army wife and new citizen of Germany [...]

Obligations and Invitations

This hood is currently For Sale! I think most of us feel like we are [...]

The Döbler Brauerei

Basement. Band. Beer. Read it here. [...]

Gar lustig ist die Jägerei!

Yea. I’m in a tree stand in German hunting grounds. Thanks Ludwig. Read it. [...]

Bürgermeisters and Apple Butter

Read it in the Germany Journal. [...]

Back in Germany…

I’m not even back in town two days and I’m inspired to write already. Read [...]