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Art on the Street

Normally I use this phrase to categorize grafitti on my Pinterest boards. Today I use [...]

Don’t Forget a Thing

We’ve taken lots of photos of the babes. Pictures of them alone, together, and with [...]

An Unexpected Monday

Since the birth of the twins we’ve had lots of visitors. Most recently we enjoyed [...]

Traveling with Twins

Me? Travel? With twins?… I gave birth to twins on August 2, 2015. My life [...]

More Couch Crafts Please

   My last post on this blog was about how bored I am in these [...]

Couch Crafting

Laid up? Read too many books? Watched too many documentaries? Bored? So pregnant you can’t [...]

The Nursery.

The two hot topics of conversation since I’ve been pregnant are What are the babies’ [...]

Butt Wipes

I’m expecting twins any minute now. (Figuratively speaking of course. I’m only at 33 weeks.) [...]

Lunch in Mesilla

Today I am sending a few postcards of my own. Yup, this weary pregnant lady [...]

Postcards from the Fest

    Someone in Germany still loves me because I keep getting lots of fun [...]

San Elizario and Billy the Kid

My favorite part of being an Army wife is the travel. And by travel I [...]

One Postcard, Two Pursuits

Today’s postcard comes to me from Mainz, Germany. As it stands, it will serve a [...]

The Gardener’s Hut on the Lake

A new painting is complete. It’s a depiction of a scene I saw often while [...]


I couldn’t help but notice that all of my friends still in Germany were festing [...]

The El Paso Rose Garden

“A rose is a rose is a rose,” said Gertrude Stein in her 1913 poem [...]

Living Vicariously…in Frankfurt!

This is a postcard from a faraway land. I haven’t been to any far away [...]

Living Vicariously. It’s the Only Way to Live.

It’s my birthday. I’m 34 years old today. And I also happen to be 24 [...]

Tiny Miracle of Creativity

Today I have a bit of an interesting story to share. It’s about the happy [...]

The Plant Pledge Update

The Plant Pledge is a children’s book about how smart and fun it is to [...]

The Guest Bed

 If you read the latest article on the Globetrotting Blog then you are fully aware [...]

Ski Trip. On the Rocks. Hold the Ski.

All of you that read my blog know me to do a lot of this… [...]

Back in the Saddle

According to this blog it’s been almost two months since I’ve done anything creative. You [...]

My First Texas Steakhouse and Ranch

I once met a German with extreme lust for the old American West and I [...]

Through the Looking Glass

This is snow in the desert. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it [...]