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Mountaineer, Artist, Scientist…

In the 19th century those guys did it all. You weren’t just a miserable, demented, [...]


By now I’m sure you’ve seen some of the photos I’ve posted on the FB [...]

Commemorative Work

Soldiers in the Army are constantly coming and going. They come into a new department, [...]

My German Front Door

Last week the Universe kept presenting the most unexpected things at my front door. Unless [...]

Pencils and Castles

If you trace any high-end, quality product far back enough in its history you will [...]

Stitching Gifts

As the pages of our lives turn we find ourselves consistently closing old chapters and [...]


So the other day I was bragging about how Italian I was, and I completely [...]

Sweet Redemption

When we woke up on Monday morning we could actually see the lights of the [...]

Painting a Mosaic

This is pretty cool. You remember the community painting project I hosted in the Fall [...]

January Happenings

I bet you think I’ve been spending all of my free time snowboarding and enjoying [...]

The End of the World

In order to plan this, most recent, snowboard trip we waited until the last minute, [...]

Food & Creativity

Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten was made without a recipe. Some of [...]


I think a lot of people look at Art and say, “I can do that.” [...]

Schwäbisch Hall

Yesterday was the first day my scarves were for sale…in a real store…in Germany. I [...]

Oh. Crap.

Phil and I met while working in a ski shop. One of the reasons Phil [...]

Merry Christmas

  Before you take down your Christmas tree, I’ve got a few memories from my [...]

Artmakers…Jochen Sturm

I went to the gallery today to take home my two paintings that have been [...]

Christmas in Germany

Happy Day 2 of Advent everybody. I trust you all have a kitschy Advent calendar [...]


Listen Knucklehead. Just because you can go to the post office and have a legitimate [...]

The Whale

I am a firm believer that a little red wine and online shopping never hurt [...]


Once Upon A Time… Then the Fairy Godmother took a break from her daily chores [...]

Community Art Project: Day 2

It’s my second day of representing handmade art and craft at the PX. It’s also [...]

Paintings in Print

In preparations for my week of selling my art and craft at the PX,  I [...]

Street Art in Paris

  I couldn’t leave well-enough alone. I had to document more of my Paris trip… [...]