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Inspired Friday

This is a recent drawing I made of the Hohenschwangau Castle. I took a trip [...]

A Western Museum in an Unlikely Place

My landlord came over our house a while back. He said a friend of his [...]

Inspired Friday

A Flower can not blossom without Sunshine, and Man can not live without Love.   [...]

The German Pick Your Own

In the heart of summer we all want our vegetables as fresh as possible. It’s [...]

Belt Bag

I promised myself I was going to sew something this summer, even if only once, [...]

Make It Big

I just finished another new painting. It’s huge, 48” x 48”, so it’s taken me [...]

The Best Beer in Germany

Says who? Me. Just me, no one special. Phil and I indulged ourselves yesterday in, [...]

Projects. Pie. Pancakes.

When you live in the center of Europe having a house guest for a couple [...]

Weekend in the Bergs

We drove to southern Germany; so far south in Germany that you actully have to [...]

The Institutions of Vienna

The mention of a trip to the capital of the Eastern Empire brings to mind, [...]


I think about something very often, but I fear that I may not express it [...]

The Sunday Drive

I took a field trip today with Katharina and Ludwig. We went to the romantic [...]

Treasure Fest

Each time I attend a new festival in Germany I am always under the assumption [...]

The Garden

There are many things about our German neighbors, here at USAG Ansbach, of which we [...]

The Skilled Travelers…a tale of Brussels and Bruges

There is a knowledge to traveling. As helpful as guidebooks and online research can be, [...]

Revolution. Death. Painting. Brussels.

I don’t know much about torture. I’ve never been tied-up, starved, beaten, flogged, had any [...]

How Many Chances Did You Have Today to Celebrate?

One of the most important things in life is taking time to show appreciation. Celebrate [...]

Nature. Music. Fried Dough.

Just when I thought there wasn’t much more for me to discover in my town…I [...]

Neon Austrian Landscape.

This is my Austria. It certainly is not a traditional illustration of the peaceful Eastern [...]

Why Suffer? Start Over.

“Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine [...]

The Wind Chime Mosaic

So tightly wound are the details of our lives. Energetic fibers are running through each [...]

Sewing Like Mom

If it weren’t enough that I look almost exactly like my mother, I also copy [...]

Winter Sports Italiano

I may have had the luxury of claiming to spend Riding Day #20 on Vermont’s [...]

Snow in Spring

Snowboarding on April Fool’s day…otherwise known (affectionately) as Gaper Day in Stowe. The resort was [...]