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Munich… The Second Time Around

On this Sunday evening I reflect; and say that the weekend has been another successful [...]

Just Kickin’ Around…

As you can imagine, it’s been awesome having my husband back around. It’s been fun [...]

When It’s All Said and Done

(This isn’t my Welcome Home Poster, but it is my most favorite that I’ve seen.)There’s [...]

Hiking and Homes in Nürnberg

I went to a new part of Nürnberg. Since my last post on this blog, [...]

When in Europe…Bath in Public

I’ve noticed I don’t journal as frequently as I once have. I’m sure you’ve noticed [...]

The Painting Process: Heart Breaker

Heart Breaker…. Certain relationships in life are easier than others. A love affair with the [...]

Surfing…Those Who Can’t, Watch and Wait

There was this one day, somewhere in the middle of our week at the surf [...]

5 Little Vampires

A child's tale of vampires.

Pub Quiz

Drink While You Think

In Case You Didn’t Notice…

Get the run down on the new site.

In Case You Didn’t Notice…

Get the run down on the new site.

Painting Process

I recently read an article on a current exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. [...]

Fest der Kunst

I went to a free concert in my town over the weekend. It was great. [...]

Our Anniversary

It’s been a year and a few days since we moved to Germany. It’s true; [...]

New Neon Hat

Have you ever thought about what your least favorite temperature is? Mine is 40 degrees [...]

Build a Collection

When you see something you love, you get it. Once it’s yours, you keep it [...]

Snowboarding is for Kings. Surfing is for Beasts.

So after two days of sitting around with a busted belly and a busted foot [...]

Winter & Christmas Markets….

I wish I could’ve taken a video of my backyard this afternoon and shared it. [...]

All In A Saturday’s Work…

  Make. Make. Make. Talk. Talk. Talk. Sell. Sell. Sell. Shop. Shop. Shop.   The [...]

Wine, Art, & Pheasant

Above Ground Under Ground PLEASE READ ME

I’m Not Obsessed…

Every now and again I enjoy sharing an embarrassing moment. I swear I’m not obsessed [...]

Ludwig’s Furs

In case you haven’t heard this is my neighbor, Ludwig. No, not the guy on [...]

This ain’t California…

Sure Ain’t. It’s Germany. But it doesn’t mean they don’t skate. And it doesn’t mean [...]

You Are So Amazing and You Don’t Even Know It

I got to chatting today with a woman. By the end of the conversation I [...]