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Munich… The Second Time Around

On this Sunday evening I reflect; and say that the weekend has been another successful [...]

Just Kickin’ Around…

As you can imagine, it’s been awesome having my husband back around. It’s been fun [...]

When It’s All Said and Done

(This isn’t my Welcome Home Poster, but it is my most favorite that I’ve seen.)There’s [...]

Hiking and Homes in Nürnberg

I went to a new part of Nürnberg. Since my last post on this blog, [...]

When in Europe…Bath in Public

I’ve noticed I don’t journal as frequently as I once have. I’m sure you’ve noticed [...]

The Painting Process: Heart Breaker

Heart Breaker…. Certain relationships in life are easier than others. A love affair with the [...]

Surfing…Those Who Can’t, Watch and Wait

There was this one day, somewhere in the middle of our week at the surf [...]

5 Little Vampires

A child's tale of vampires. [...]

Pub Quiz

Drink While You Think [...]

In Case You Didn’t Notice…

Get the run down on the new site. [...]

In Case You Didn’t Notice…

Get the run down on the new site. [...]

Painting Process

I recently read an article on a current exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. [...]

Fest der Kunst

I went to a free concert in my town over the weekend. It was great. [...]

Our Anniversary

It’s been a year and a few days since we moved to Germany. It’s true; [...]

New Neon Hat

Have you ever thought about what your least favorite temperature is? Mine is 40 degrees [...]

Build a Collection

When you see something you love, you get it. Once it’s yours, you keep it [...]

Snowboarding is for Kings. Surfing is for Beasts.

So after two days of sitting around with a busted belly and a busted foot [...]

Winter & Christmas Markets….

I wish I could’ve taken a video of my backyard this afternoon and shared it. [...]

All In A Saturday’s Work…

  Make. Make. Make. Talk. Talk. Talk. Sell. Sell. Sell. Shop. Shop. Shop.   The [...]

Wine, Art, & Pheasant

Above Ground Under Ground PLEASE READ ME [...]

I’m Not Obsessed…

Every now and again I enjoy sharing an embarrassing moment. I swear I’m not obsessed [...]

Ludwig’s Furs

In case you haven’t heard this is my neighbor, Ludwig. No, not the guy on [...]

This ain’t California…

Sure Ain’t. It’s Germany. But it doesn’t mean they don’t skate. And it doesn’t mean [...]

You Are So Amazing and You Don’t Even Know It

I got to chatting today with a woman. By the end of the conversation I [...]