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How I Holiday

Oh Blogging. How I’ve missed you. Thank you (my readers) very much for allowing me [...]

Updates and Postcards

Has anyone ever moved across the country, by car, with babies? Has anyone ever had [...]

And Then They Turned One

My babes are one year old. They have achieved 365 days on planet Earth; and [...]


I am a painter, so I have a lot of paintings hanging in my house. [...]

Ugly Homemade Toys for Your Babies

Despite being a busy mom of twins I somehow find an impressive amount of time [...]

Art from an iPad

At the beginning of last month I wrote a post about how I was getting [...]


The sleeping of my babes grows more erratic with each day. And I grow ever [...]


Being a mother is exhausting. I apologize for opening this article with such a tired [...]

Interesting Trash

This is the first piece of trash I have ever photographed. That was eight weeks [...]

Couch Crafting

Laid up? Read too many books? Watched too many documentaries? Bored? So pregnant you can’t [...]

The Nursery.

The two hot topics of conversation since I’ve been pregnant are What are the babies’ [...]

The Gardener’s Hut on the Lake

A new painting is complete. It’s a depiction of a scene I saw often while [...]

Tiny Miracle of Creativity

Today I have a bit of an interesting story to share. It’s about the happy [...]

The Guest Bed

 If you read the latest article on the Globetrotting Blog then you are fully aware [...]

Back in the Saddle

According to this blog it’s been almost two months since I’ve done anything creative. You [...]

Doodles From a Time Gone By

Everybody saves things. You save old notes or letters. You save photographs in albums. You [...]

Christmas Greetings

This year, more than any other year prior, I have doodled most of my Christmas [...]

Members Only

It’s that time of year. Yes, yes, Weihnachtsmarkts, glühwein, sausage, and more cookies than you [...]

Holiday Cheer

As much as Phil loves his birthday (not) and I love Christmas, our house was [...]

Running Sneakers

I have finished another painting in the series for the book I have been working [...]

The Fabric Market

I knew I was in Germany, but I felt like I was in Heaven. I [...]


Great St. Hubert, bless all who gather here in this
 natural setting, whose aim is [...]

A Tragic Bite

I was cleaning out my pantry yesterday. I know what you’re thinking. Who does serious [...]

Inspired Friday: Art and the Importance of Nutrition

A Croatian Farmer’s Market. Maybe it’s all the umbrella’s. Maybe it’s the rows, and rows [...]