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Look Who's Packin'

I’m packing. I’m packing for the eighth time since Phil and I have been together. [...]

Hot Fairy on Fairy

It isn’t every day you get to start out a blog post like that. I [...]

Happy Birthday Heidelberg

This is Heidelberg Street in Detroit. It is the home of the Heidelberg Project, which [...]

Interact with Florida Scarf

Who wouldn’t want to interact with that face? I mean mine, not my brother’s. Although, [...]

Holiday Shopping….Take 1

The Fort Rucker Spouse’s Club Hollyday Mart was yesterday and I had a blast. Holiday [...]

How Your Scarf Gets Shipped

Are you thinking of buying a Florida Scarf this season?Are you thinking about sending one [...]

Happy Halloween!

Here it is. The result of Halloween. As I had suspected no one knew who [...]

Make the Music with Your Mouth Biz….

So I didn’t grow up under a rock, but I never saw this album cover [...]

Just In Time For Halloween

  Since my last post was so visually stimulating, I thought it would be fun [...]

Art Imitates Life

Sometimes I just have to ask myself, “What side of the looking glass are we [...]

Sharing More Inspiration…

A Scarf and a Story…

This is a Story of Inspiration…

A Scarf and It’s Roots…. This is a Chocolate Castle! Oh and I found this [...]

Ski Equipment Garbage Art

This is the latest piece in my art collection of mosaics made by my mom. [...]

New Style

This is the Florida Scarf we are all familiar with. It is how I’ve been [...]

I'm on Pinterest

I’ve been on pinterest for a couple of months now, but I’m stepping up the [...]

Painting Award

I am quite pleased to announce that this bad boy just own the 2011 Army [...]

Aviator for a Day

There have been a few moments here at Ft Rucker that have been REALLY fun [...]

Mirror Mirror…..

…on the wall, “Who was this Florida Scarf made for?” This hood would look awsome [...]

Go Gingham

Just when you thought this was all gingham had to offer: I went and made [...]


Just when you though this was all gingham had to offer: I went and made [...]

Help Me Out

Not like it was ever easy, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to run a [...]

Girl Looks Like Boy

My mom has always hated it, but I have always felt the need to dress [...]


This photo was taken at the Ann Rudd Art Center. I am reading The German [...]

So Special

This is a scarf I just recently made for a friend. I thought it was [...]