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Florida Sock? Tutorial?

There are a few things I can’t resist. One of them is ridiculous shoes, and [...]

Just Shoot Me

This was another photoshoot starring Florida Scarf. I wasn’t there, but the shoot was fabulous. [...]

The Art World is Juicin' This Week

I get my art news from (I hope they are a reliable source because [...]

Sarah & Phil Had a Little Lamb

My husband and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary this weekend. This is the [...]

More Fall Fashion

I spent the morning with a cup of tea and perused a bunch of art [...]

Shaving, Mexico, and Other Defining Moments

Recently (like every Wednesday for the past two months) I’ve been catching this online talk [...]

Just When You Think No One Cares

So I’ve got a friend who takes great pictures. Her name is Jen Jones. I [...]

Regeneration Clayworks Studio

A trip to New Jersey isn’t complete for me without a trip to my mom’s [...]

Treasure Buttons

Today is my first day in NJ visiting my mom. She found some new cool [...]

Hello Bluebird

Unless you live in the Reading, Pennsylvania area, you may have thought the title of [...]

You Never Know What You're Gonna Get

So this is a photograph of the bottom half of a dress that I picked [...]

La Femme au Chapeau

Isn’t this classic? When you create a self portrait while reading you will look more [...]

11th Annual Juried Exhibition in Ozark

I can’t believe that it’s been over a year now that we’ve been living in [...]

YIKES! Fall 2011

So I don’t know about you, but my inbox is getting flooded with fall fashion [...]

Flo & B, Together Forever

Thanks to Tara Fereirra, Florida Scarf now has a fabulous array of authentic vintage fabrics, [...]


I’ve decided today to provide you with an anecdote. My hope is that it helpsĀ to [...]

New Photo Fun

Certain places in the world need their existence documented. The Rudd Art Center in Ozark [...]

Christmas In July

It’s sweltering here in Alabama. And by the looks on The Weather Channel it’s not [...]


Hello All. I trust everyone had a great holiday. This post will wrap up my [...]

Homefront Team June Summary

Happy 4th of July everyone! This greeting comes a bit early as I gear up [...]

Clay Box Buttons

Aren’t these buttons amazing? You’ll be seeing a lot of these on new scarves this [...]


Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday! This year she’ll be practicing for next year. (I don’t [...]


I am hosting a meeting down here at Fort Rucker, AL. I hope everyone in [...]

Popalicious Buttons

In a continued effort to share the suppliers of Florida Scarf with you, allow me [...]