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Silly Little Crafter…

This trick’s too easy for you…. There’s nothing like a picture of my bathroom, front [...]

The Döbler Brauerei

Basement. Band. Beer. Read it here.

Thursday in Bali..Am I Only on Day Three?

Ghzeesh! I am not being quick about these Bali stories. Thank you for your patience. [...]

Adventures of the Bazaar Kind

I definitely did not have the weekend I expected. At times I even felt like [...]

Fall Bazaar in Wiesbaden

Please Join Me If You Can…. Normally, it is difficult for me to get dressed [...]

Bali, Our Sanur Experience

We arrived in Bali as the sun was setting on Tuesday. Wednesday was our first [...]


OK, so it wasn’t first place, but it was something. I am proud to announce [...]

München, Ludwigsburg, and Six Pounds of Beef

It must be done, if but not once…sort-of. Read all about it.

A Clip from the Army

Fall Sale on Etsy

There’s a great website that has been around for some time now. It’s called Etsy [...]

Bali. The Sun Sets for the First TIme.

Our accommodations are perfect. The bed is very comfortable; which does support a bit of [...]

Kaffee mit die Deutsche Frauen

I hope I spelled that right. It’s supposed to read Coffee with the German Ladies. [...]

Bali…What is This Place?

The date on my watch says 8/14, but it said the same thing yesterday. I’ve [...]

The Second Half of the Flight to Bali…

My flight to Taipei was great. There are two things I like better about Asian [...]

Grüner Nacht Graffiti

Graffiti from Ansbach Grüner Nacht

Fan Photos

In the five years that I have been selling scarves on Etsy I have never [...]

On My Way to Bali…

I think traveling on an airplane is exactly like going on a big hike. When [...]

Gar lustig ist die Jägerei!

Yea. I’m in a tree stand in German hunting grounds. Thanks Ludwig. Read it.

Before I went to Bali

Before I went to Bali, Los Angeles, Illinois, and Philadelphia, and after a brief stay [...]

Bürgermeisters and Apple Butter

Read it in the Germany Journal.

Back in Germany…

I’m not even back in town two days and I’m inspired to write already. Read [...]

Homeward Bound

It’s been five days since I’ve returned from Bali. At the moment I find myself [...]

Summer Vacation

 The view from Camel’s Hump in Vermont. My Summer vacation home. America. I’m three and [...]


I’ve recently been working with houndstooth. In looking at the fabric for so long I [...]