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I Love the Homefront Team

So, as most people know, I am on the Etsy Homefront Team. I’ve got a [...]

A Remark You Made, Buttons

This is another example of some of the incredible buttons I picked up for next [...]

So the dress (I’ve talked about a couple of times before) made the news. Sarah [...]

I Party With Trash

At the Art Center in Ozark we’ve been busy designing in the front Window. The [...]

Button, Button, Who's Got The Button?

The single most outstanding feature on any one of my scarves is the button. In [...]

Adventures in Homefront Team Promotion

I had so much fun yesterday debuting the Homefront Team at the Ft. Rucker Spouses’ [...]

She Sang Her Own Songs

‘She Sang Her Own Songs…’ by Wellofcreations The girl had her own thoughts and believed [...]

Shot by the Tracks

For the Record:┬áIf graffiti is illegal and subject to fine or inprisonment, even if it’s [...]

Seasons Change

Time doesn’t go by any faster in Alabama. In fact most things are done slower. [...]

Indigo Monday

I hope everyone had an Ab Fab Monday Morn. I did. Mondays are so tough [...]

Monday Meet-Ups

This week I hosted the questions for the Meet-Up on the Homefront Team Blog. See [...]

St. Pat's Treasury

‘Geniuses Pick Green’ by LilacAve Love these shops!!!! Navy Minky and Flan… lisalaneboutiq… $29.95 Coffee-Dark [...]

I Like This Painting

I love this painting. It’s very surreal and messy. It reminds me of my brain [...]

Homefront Artistry Team Meet Up

My first time in a helicopter. I’m glad it stayed on the ground. Every 2nd [...]

Another Fashion Show

On Friday, March 5, I will be participating in another fashion show. No, I’m not [...]

Nora Is Still B.A.

If there is one thing Florida Scarf is NOT known for, it’s a “legacy of [...]

Crochet a Coral Reef

This is an absolutely amazing project that marries science and craft. It makes me proud [...]

It's All Color Theory

EAT CAKE by S.C. Geraci With devotion to my scarf business is how I spend [...]


Good news, winter is almost over. To celebrate Florida Scarf is having an online sale. [...]

Mu Shu Wonton Cups

As of last Thursday the Chinese New Year is in full swing. If you haven’t [...]

I Miss Eggnog

Sorry about the title. I just had to get that off my chest. I’ve left [...]

Monday Morning Treasures

‘Finding Home on the Homefront’ by LilacAve All these things found by searching “homefront” on [...]

I've Got Six Words

Here’s me in a nutshell. Have you heard that story about Hemmingway? Someone challenged him [...]

I Painted a Sailboat!

Now that Flo Sca has slowed down a bit I can paint more. I’m pumped. [...]