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Etsy Sale

There is a website that has been around for a long while. It’s called Etsy [...]

During Last Days in Germany…

Fret not. I don’t mean my actual last days. I just mean the last few [...]

Florida Scarf Fur

There’s nothing better (to me) than working with new products and materials. It is such [...]

Florida Scarf Fur

Swarovski Scarf

Introducing my latest style… Swarovski says…Add sparkle to your everyday life. So I thought some [...]


I mailed in my request for an absentee voter’s ballot today. I feel like a [...]

Charles J. Casper

What does this guy have to do with scarves? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. He’s my [...]

A Frank Shirt and a Robot Mousepad

I hope you enjoyed my recent painting. I’ll be starting a new one next week. [...]

Another Swiss Chair Lift

Here’s how it started. Then I made a canvas and put the drawing on it. [...]

Birds and Brushstrokes

I went for a nice jog over the weekend. I don’t look forward to running, [...]

Crafts Beyond Crafts

In addition to painting and sewing I’ve had a few other crafty projects on the [...]


Last night I attended an opening for the newest exhibit at the Kunsthaus at Reitbahn [...]

German Supplies!

How dope are these buttons? I’m really excited about them, and can’t wait to use [...]

I'm Not Obsessed…

Every now and again I enjoy sharing an embarrassing moment. I swear I’m not obsessed [...]

Blank Canvas…and other projects

Welcome to my house! I finally found a strong, sticky hook to hang my wreath. [...]

And Another One…

SWISS LIFT Here is another painting I just finished. It comes from a photograph I [...]

Steamboat Springs, CO

SiiiCK! The latest edition to my chairlift series has been born! This composition comes from [...]

Ludwig's Furs

In case you haven’t heard this is my neighbor, Ludwig. No, not the guy on [...]

The Florida Scarf Box

If you read my Germany journal you know I am proud of my new desk. [...]

Spring at Florida Scarf

Two weeks ago I introduced Florida Scarf to it’s new community, US Army Europe’s Katterbach [...]

First Sale In Euros!!!

Good News! I have begun sewing in Germany! It felt great to get my machine [...]

First Sale In Euros!!!

Good News For Florida Scarf!

Check out this ad I found in the back of a catalogue from Switzerland…. Isn’t [...]

Making Friends

The handmade community has always been very supportive of itself. It’s like, if you’re an [...]