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A New Year. It’s Already Been Brought.

It’s cool when you get to be one of the first people in the world [...]

Kima Surf Camp, Bali

Finding Kima Surf Camp was an adventure in itself. We took a bus from Ubud [...]

Army Art

It isn’t often that my world and my husband’s world collide. I’m an Artist. He’s [...]

It’s Still a Merry Christmas…

Cats are so predictable. My Christmas in Germany.

Santa is on His Way

All of the snow has definitely melted. It’s raining. If it wasn’t for the wind, [...]

Christmas Market Number Six…

…and to commemorate I bought a 6-pack. This is purely coincidental. Read it here. I’m [...]

Ludwig’s Approval

I have become quite confident about the fact that I enjoy fur; and Florida Scarf [...]

Christmas Shopping for the Company

The Christmas markets have been in full swing for three weeks now. With eight trips [...]

Movie Monday

Yes, that’s me snuggled up to a giant inflatable. No, I am not at the [...]

Shopping A Hip German Bazaar…

Today is my sister’s birthday. I’m excited for her. I love birthdays and holidays. They [...]

Some Beer in Bamberg

Some beer in Bamberg.

Painting. Sculpture. Glitter. Pinterest.

I have been painting recently.  No, I haven’t taken up graffiti in Ansbach…and my tag [...]

Winter & Christmas Markets….

I wish I could’ve taken a video of my backyard this afternoon and shared it. [...]


Yes my friends. It is the German word for dentist. I went. How trippy is [...]

All In A Saturday's Work…

Make. Make. Make. Talk. Talk. Talk. Sell. Sell. Sell. Shop. Shop. Shop. The Holidays can [...]


This is looking back on a Thanksgiving past; just last year as a matter of [...]


It’s German for Piano.

Whose Side Are You On?

As I continue to straddle the line between Army wife and new citizen of Germany [...]

Bali: The Adventure of Imitation

There’s a Starbuck’s in Ubud, but we didn’t go. We went to the Kafe instead. [...]

Obligations and Invitations

This hood is currently For Sale! I think most of us feel like we are [...]

A Saturday in Bali

Saturday was epic. We went exploring outside of Ubud with a private driver, Dewa. He [...]

Wine, Art, & Pheasant

Above Ground Under Ground PLEASE READ ME

From Monkeys to Bad Drinks

It’s only our third full day in Bali. We’ve hit the road again. This time [...]

From Monkeys to Bad Drinks

It’s only our third full day in Bali. We’ve hit the road again. This time [...]