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A Custom Order for Christmas

My twins were born in August. As a new mom I knew I was going [...]

Time Out for Babies

Congratulations me. I am now the proud mother of twin baby girls. And golly, has [...]

The Business Side of Things

Lately my life has been a bit more about being pregnant with twins than it [...]

The Business Scarf

It isn’t very often that I am asked to design a scarf with a company [...]

For Old Times Sake

It’s been almost three months since we left Germany. And while there are many things [...]

Back in the Other Saddle

My sewing business has spent these deep months of winter in hibernation. I’m sure you [...]

Umm…Merry Christmas?

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very, very, [...]

Members Only

It’s that time of year. Yes, yes, Weihnachtsmarkts, glühwein, sausage, and more cookies than you [...]

The Fabric Market

I knew I was in Germany, but I felt like I was in Heaven. I [...]

Under Construction

We’re Moving. So my life is…Under Construction. Those of us that are in the Army…Excuse [...]

The Man Scarf

My business mainly focuses on scarves, and hoodie hats, for women. I create my products [...]

Craft Supply Swap

Last week I went to a Craft Supply Swap. The swap was hosted, and held, [...]

Autumn in Germany

It may seem a bit premature to speak of Autumn while it’s still August, but [...]

Hot Air Balloon Scarf

A couple of weeks back I mentioned scoring a couple of exciting summer sales. I [...]

Lessons in Unconventional Thinking

I need a vacation in LA. I realize that sounds ridiculous coming from someone who [...]

Scarves in Summer

I sold a scarf this weekend! Not in person, but online at my Etsy Shop. [...]

Spring at Florida Scarf

During spring it is possible to find 136 different kinds of weather in one 24 [...]

Chair Lift

You get to a certain age where you are going to wake up at 7:30 [...]

Viva Italia!!

I don’t always feel comfortable bragging about how Italian I can be but… My last [...]

New Ideas for a New Year

No Artist Can Resist an Empty Workspace This is an idea that speaks, not just [...]

The Last Winter Bazaar

Not last weekend, but the weekend before, I had my last bazaar in Germany for [...]

Grand Finale

I would love to understand why some things just can’t be captured. I want photographs, [...]


Happy Black Friday. Happy Pre-Cyber Monday. Happy Post-Thanksgiving, and for God’s sake…Happy Day 2 of [...]

Now I Know

I was up-and-about a few towns yesterday. I finally had a couple of extra seconds [...]