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The German Craft Show

The bazaar at the Volkshochschule (Adult Education Center) in Fürth started out this year, a [...]

You’re Special

I’ve been posting recently; more about art, travel, and selling than I have about sewing. [...]

Holiday Shopping: Und So Beginnt Es…

Do you ever have one of those moments where you think to yourself, “This is [...]

The Results Are In

It’s been exactly a week since I started my adventure at the PX. Adventure? You’re [...]

Florida Scarf at the PX

Me, and Florida Scarf, and the paintings are here at the PX in Ansbach. It’s [...]

My Next Big Thing

Next week I will be posting up at the PX on Urlas Kaserne in Ansbach, [...]

Craft Marketeers

I’ve been selling my scarves at craft bazaars for six years. When I first started [...]


Florida Scarf has a few things to catch you up on. Activity around here is [...]

Making Friends

Last year during the Christmas season I did a bunch of gift shopping at the [...]

Flea Market Finds

We had a huge flea market in town and I was (luckily) able to attend. [...]

A Scarf and a Story

I have designed a new style of scarf. It takes me quite some time to [...]

Fall And Winter….

The chillier seasons are nipping at our heels here in Germany. I’ve been using this [...]

Fourth Wish Vintage

At Florida Scarf summertime is more about supplies than it is about sewing. I’ve got [...]

Anything and Everything

There isn’t one person in the world that’s a bigger fan of you than your [...]

Great Weekend

So not only did I personally have a really fun weekend, but Florida Scarf had [...]

Spring Bazaar = Spring Cleaning

Florida Scarf will be at the Ansbach Middle-High School Saturday May 11th from 10:00-18:00…and EVERYTHING [...]

Granny Squares

I started playing with some new designs for 2013. I’ve got lots of new materials [...]

New Sketch

It’s not a scarf, but it’s a sketch.

Fabrics From Around the World

It’s been years now; that I have been traveling, living in news places, and thus [...]

Fabric Store

I’ve done a handful of special orders lately. It’s been rejuvenating and inspirational. I love [...]

Kittens…Now This?

  I love this advertisement; and I don’t care who knows…Thank you Big Boulder.  

Etsy Strong

There is a reoccurring conversation. It goes like this: New Person: What do you do? [...]

In Case You Didn’t Notice…

Get the run down on the new site.

Creative Indulgence

Lately I have been spoiling myself by indulging a creative rampage. In the past couple [...]