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Inspired Friday

A Flower can not blossom without Sunshine, and Man can not live without Love.   [...]

Make It Big

I just finished another new painting. It’s huge, 48” x 48”, so it’s taken me [...]

Neon Austrian Landscape.

This is my Austria. It certainly is not a traditional illustration of the peaceful Eastern [...]

Why Suffer? Start Over.

“Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine [...]

Mountaineer, Artist, Scientist…

In the 19th century those guys did it all. You weren’t just a miserable, demented, [...]

Commemorative Work

Soldiers in the Army are constantly coming and going. They come into a new department, [...]

Painting a Mosaic

This is pretty cool. You remember the community painting project I hosted in the Fall [...]


Happy Black Friday. Happy Pre-Cyber Monday. Happy Post-Thanksgiving, and for God’s sake…Happy Day 2 of [...]

The Whale

I am a firm believer that a little red wine and online shopping never hurt [...]


Once Upon A Time… Then the Fairy Godmother took a break from her daily chores [...]

Community Art Project: Day 2

It’s my second day of representing handmade art and craft at the PX. It’s also [...]

Paintings in Print

In preparations for my week of selling my art and craft at the PX,  I [...]

ART: The Thread That Binds

Ansbach has a few sister cities. Their sister city in France is Anglet. Anglet is [...]

You’re Under Arrest

Stopping time is impossible. Stopping for a moment in time and arresting a beautiful image [...]

The Jersey Shore

My fun, punky, painting of the New Jersey Coast is finished.   If you read [...]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  This is a photograph I took two years ago with my iphone while at [...]

The Painting Process: Heart Breaker

Heart Breaker…. Certain relationships in life are easier than others. A love affair with the [...]

Painting Process

I recently read an article on a current exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. [...]

Creative Indulgence

Lately I have been spoiling myself by indulging a creative rampage. In the past couple [...]

Army Art

It isn’t often that my world and my husband’s world collide. I’m an Artist. He’s [...]

Charles J. Casper

What does this guy have to do with scarves? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. He’s my [...]

A Frank Shirt and a Robot Mousepad

I hope you enjoyed my recent painting. I’ll be starting a new one next week. [...]

Another Swiss Chair Lift

Here’s how it started. Then I made a canvas and put the drawing on it. [...]

Birds and Brushstrokes

I went for a nice jog over the weekend. I don’t look forward to running, [...]